Sunday, 3 October 2010

Targeted MP contact list

For a list of MP's go to - click on the Politics tab under the banner - click MP Listing option (or copy and paste into your browser)

You should also notice an option called Contact Details (copy and paste into your browser) which gives a complete list of the 650 Members of Parliament with their roles and more contact details where they are relevant to our™ NRP Tool (our Facebook app is at

Using the RSS option (at the very bottom of the page) and an application like Google Reader will give you a contact record and mailing list that is updated when we update our internal systems.

For a more targeted list, with membership details of relevant groups within Parliament use the Groups and Group Member options for a list by group, and by member respectively.  Even if a Group Member is not your local MP, despite parliamentary convention, so long as an enquiry or comment is made to them in their specified role, the MP or peer should answer your communications.  For completeness, we would recommend sending copy letters to your local MP anyway, just so there is no confusion or excuse to “fob you off” !

Remember always, THEY WORK FOR YOU and our MP’s and peers should never shirk their responsibilities to the electorate.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Vince Cable proposes graduate tax

Good to see more of our ideas are feeding through to the policy making machine of Government.

Our concept is that all current loans would be voided and the tax applied to all graduates via an immediate change in tax code.  Retrospective tax collection would not happen, and loans already paid would enable the graduate to have a pro-rata maximum 2 year “graduate tax holiday” in lieu of payments made.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Her Majesty’s Courts Service’s (HMCS) Business Plan 2010-2011

On 15 March 2010 - 10 days ago – Bridget Prentice (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice) announced the Key Performance Indicators for Her Majesty's Courts Service for 2010 to 2011

The Business Plan has finally been deposited in the library and can be seen by clicking

Section 2.3 specifically mentions Family Courts.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Security Warning – Anyone may be able to obtain your email address from Facebook !

Do you have an account with Facebook ?

Have you changed your Privacy Settings for Contact Information ( ) to stop people getting your email address?

We use a number of providers for email services, to protect our “name”, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo too …

Unless you have protected your email address within the Privacy Settings on Facebook, anyone importing contacts to Yahoo will get a list of these email addresses into their Yahoo Contacts!

Within Facebook, we have a number of “Friend Lists” setup, including what we call “9 Limited” – most new “friends” are added to this list when we respond to a friend request within Facebook, just until we know who they are.  In the Privacy Settings, we do not allow people to see certain things – like phone numbers and email addresses – by including the “9 Limited” list in the “except:” boxes.


Once we found this out, we did a small test and found that we could get 90% of email addresses for our friends on Facebook !! We’ve deleted the downloaded contact records.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

“You cannot negotiate with these people and expect rational discussion”

Although I appreciate you may not like "the system", and shouting may be good for the short term, the only way we believe to change things is to use the system.  By "use", we mean understand, consider and anticipate the way "it" works. 

This means acting like a solicitor, as you say, LISTENING to what people think is wrong with "the system" and then respond in a meaningful and structured way.

Our stated activity at the moment is assessing the state of UK & EU law.  This is no easy task and is taking time.  However, where we see a distinct area we can make a positive and constructive change, we formulate policy and strategy to overcome these obstacles.

It may sound like "lawyer" or "politician speak" - and that is EXACTLY what we're aiming for.  We want to be able to accurately oppose the current situation and argue the case for NRP's, and we do understand that some other groups do not agree with our methods.  The more fronts that we can make public and loud, the better - but again, these are OUR methods, and we think they will have an impact on the overall situation suffered by Non Resident Parents.

Some of these routes include taking part in the current review of Family Law (please see both details of the review at and the Government Green Paper at )

We believe that getting involved in the creation, amendment and repeal of legislation is the best way to improve the situation and increase equality for Non Resident Parents in a currently unfair, unjust and plainly biased system.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

#ge10 #ge2010 #election2010 Plethora of information ..

Draft Policies have been updated and we just love Twaiter !
Our main policies are now linkable, and tweets are sent out regularly so you can see what they are ! Simples.
If you want to view or link to them, just use this handy table
Policy Area Short Link
Government Restructure
Benefits and Social Cohesion
Community Relations
Jobs and Welfare
Pensions and Older People
Third Sector, Charities and Voluntary Organisations
Culture, Media and Sports
Foreign Affairs
Health & Social Care
Justice and Democracy
Local & Devolved Government
Climate Change and Energy
Countryside Management
Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act
Corporation Tax
Value Added Tax
Sales (or Purchase) Tax
Inheritance Tax
Stamp Duty (on Property Purchases)
Changes to National Insurance
Education Funding Tax
Income Tax
Individual and Household Tax Allowances
Council Tax & Higher Earner Local Tax
Recreational Drugs Review
Boundary Reform